Release--Big Breakfast "Why Do You Touch Things That Aren't Yours?"

We can still smell the sweat of our first practice space; it lingers, it pushes, it inspires. Rebuilt from the rubble of Inland Empire catastrocore legends Lumbergarden (absolutely no records ever made), Big Breakfast began rehearsing at Bob Durkee's fBe Studios.

Not so long ago, a certain band was storing some instruments in the studio. One of their maracas was broken in a very misguided Steve Shelly impersonation. Bob's usual phlegmatic mood gave way to slight frustration. We replaced the ruined piece, and figured that all would be would not be so easy. Though always full of love and encouragement ("a little less bass here" "I love the melody but more drums" "that Strat sounds great Kevin") the incident instilled a mistrust of us in the studio owner.

For our penance, all we can offer is our music. Thirteen tracks of no-wave stylings, metal strutting, sore muscles and emf poisoning.

Why do we touch things that aren't ours? We can't help ourselves.

Big Breakfast's CD "Why Do You Touch Things That Aren't Yours?" is available now on Shrimper Records; it can be ordered online from Midheaven.Previous offerings:

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